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Stephanie had been a Girl Scout since the age of 5 and for several years prior to her death, she and several members of her Girl Scout Troop adopted the residents of a local Social Security Assisted Living Facility. These people are very low-income residents with no assets, SS income only and most with little or no family to assist them. They are just one step out of a state nursing home. This housing is HUD housing.

Each year the Girl Scout troop would make small handmade gifts and put them into gift bags with candy and tea bags. They would deliver them to the approx 280 small efficiency units at each of the resident’s doors, Christmas Caroling along the way while dropping the bags. The residents would come out and come to the lobby and spend time with the girls.

Over the years many girls dropped out until there was only my daughter and one other girl. After Stephanie’s death in 03, and with the last girl going off to college my family decided to continue on with the tradition in her memory. We bake homemade goodies for days prior, delivering 40 dozen cookies/brownies etc to each of the two buildings lobbies with a card on each door inviting them to come to the lobby to enjoy the treats made in Stephanie’s memory. We repeated this in Dec of 04 also. Then in dec 05 , our third year after Stephanie’s death, my second daughter Ashley asked her youth group of Calvary Chapel of Naples if they would like to help make and deliver bags and also sing,so we could start caroling again. The kids agreed and made 280 handmade cross magnets for each gift bag and church members helped with the baking. It was wonderful.

The youth pastor at the church committed to making this an annual event with the youth , calling it the Stephanie Reeve Ministry Outreach. I decided to start asking for donations to try to put together an awesome gift bags that would really make a difference in their lives. We continue to go there every year, see below  for donation opportunities and the last few years videos from this event.

If you would like to donate to this project,
please email me or send a check to Mary Reeve,
 4459 Parrot Ave, Naples Fl. 34104
 Checks payable to Mary Reeve and please put Stephanie Reeve in memo section of the check
or you can use one of the two links below to donate online.

 If you wish to make a direct donation using your debit or credit card simply hit paynow,
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As most of you know from your past help and support, this project began in 1995 with Stephanie's Girl Scout troop.2 years ago I invited the Girl Scouts to come back and participate in the event. It has been phen, the support I have received from them. I have been so impressed with their excitement and interest I have decided to turn this back over to the Girl Scouts themselves under the care and guidance of Deborah Riberio. So this is the last year that we will be doing this ministry in Stephanie's name. I think that bigger and better things are underway for this, and it is an honor for me to give this back to the organization that it began as, So although this will be the last year that I will be doing this and doing the fundraising for it, it will live on as it always was, a wonderful event for the Girl Scouts to share the love and spirit of Christmas with the residents at Goodlette Arms.

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