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God Bless

Tribute or Candle Text:

Merry Christmas Stephanie, another great outreach in your name. God Bless them.
Love Mom

I miss you stephanie. and I love you

  To the best angel, ever to watch over us, love mom

   I love you and miss you stephanie, Ashley


   Mom lite a candle on 4/13/09-

Happy Birthday Stephanie, I love you!

Jo Jo lite a candle on 4/13/09-

I miss you but feel your presence with me daily. Keep your mom, sister and brother safe. Love, Jo Jo

Message: As long as she lives her baby you'll be. 143
Love love love and miss you...keep watch over us all
Message: always thinking about you baby, miss you sooooo much! (: love ashley

  Hi baby, love you miss you


   Mary, Dave's Mom lit a candle on 03/26/2007: "Prayers and comfort sent out to the blue sky for your family and friends."
   Ashley Reeve lit a candle on 03/25/2007: "i love you!"
   Stephanies Mom lit a candle on 03/19/2007: "Hi Baby, always in my you. You are such a perfect angel in God's light. Love Mom"
    Vicki Perkins lit a candle on 03/18/2007: "What a wonderful tribute to a beautiful girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today and foreverl"

    Erna Gay Wells lit a candle on 03/10/2007: "What can I say? Stephanie was such a beautiful vibrant young lady. Just another rose for God's bouquet. God Bless You"
    Melanie(pos Mom) Elzey lit a candle on 03/09/2007: "What a sweet beautiful girl, your mom misses you, send her some angel hugs.She has made a beautiful site for you."

    Teri Boyd lit a candle on 03/01/2007: "such wonderful acts of love in your honor..hope you have met my son up there"
    Wanda Mom Of Jesse lit a candle on 02/26/2007: "I light this candle to continue the glow of your beautiful memory and love that surrounds your mom everyday."

    Wanda Mom Of Jesse lit a candle on 02/26/2007: "May the light of your love shine down and comfort your mom. May her tears shed the love she holds in her heart for you."
     Kathy, Mom Of Amanda lit a candle on 02/26/2007: "May all your memories bring your family comfort, please send them a sign from Heaven, & give my Amanda Rose a hug"
    Morgan Gable lit a candle on 08/28/2006: "Stephanie, I feel as if I am your "auntie" Stay close."
   Aunt Jo Jo lit a candle on 08/27/2006: "I miss you my little angel."
     Margie Lipinski lit a candle on 08/21/2006: "Fly free now Stephanie. You are with the Angels for all eternity. Please watch over you mom and keep her from harm."
    Debbie Rosa lit a candle on 08/18/2006: "Stephanie, I hope that you are in a wonderful place with my daugher, Ally, who passed on 7/6/06. God bless you honey"
   Gena Aarons Mama lit a candle on 02/15/2007: "Hold on to your faith in our precious Lord. He will get us through anything."

   Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 02/05/2007: "Stephanie, you're always in my prayers. Keep those beautiful eyes on your mom for me so that she is all well."

   From Mom, to Stephanie; july 16th

Hi baby, your angel date is almost upon us. Love you and miss you every day. Please care for Polly when she comes to heaven.

Love Mom

   From Kris Murphy, July 16th

I know your pain of loosing a child. Loosing my 19 year old daughter is the worst pain i have ever felt and will always feel everyday of my life.I thought that had i choosen to stay in philadelphia, my kids would of been lost to the streets. I moved t florida for a better life. I did get a better life with my kids. Loosing chelsey is not something i would of dreamed would of ever happened to me. I am no different. Keep your head high and spread the word.Stephanie is very proud of you and hopefully chelsey and her have made friends with each other and they will guide us.

    Patty J Lit a Candle, 3/22/10

Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter, Stephanie. This wonderful memorial will help keep her memory alive for all that visit.


    we love you Stephanie, miss you always

    ashley lit a candle on 12/09/2009: "Once again, it's Christmas time. It's getting hard and Im missing you a lot right now. I love you sis."

     Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 04/17/2007: "HAPPY BELATED B-DAY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL.May both you and Brandon's b-day angel wishes come true!!!!!!"

     Yvonne Richard's Mum lit a candle on 04/14/2007: "hello sweet angel, so sorry i missed your birthday. Sending you belated thoughts & prayers."

     Mom lit a candle on 04/13/2007: "miss you every minute, every second..Love you forever, like you for always, as long as i'm living, my baby you'll be."

     Ashley lit a candle on 04/13/2007: "Happy Birthday Sis!!!!!!!:-) !!!!!"

     mom lit a candle on 04/12/2007: "i waited for you today....but you didnt show.... where did you go?"

     Mom lit a candle on 04/12/2007: "Hi Baby, Missing you so much today it hurts. Your birthday tomorrow. I can feel it like it was yesterday...."

     Aunt Jo Jo lit a candle on 04/07/2007: "I miss you honey. Thank you for visiting in my dreams and letting me know you are always with us. I love you."

   sue Ferner lit a candle on 04/06/2007: "Stephane, we love and miss you so much! Your mom needs some extra angel hugs!"

    Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 04/03/2007: "Stephanie, please let Brandon know that we all miss him so much and we know that he is with GOD! Keep u in my prayers."

     Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 04/03/2007: "Steph, I pray 4 you and Brandon even though I can't see you guys I ask both for your guidance, both of you r my ANGELS!"

     Darlene/Dereks Mom lit a candle on 10/08/2006: "Stephanie, you are loved and missed by so many. My prayers are with your family

     Ashley Reeve lit a candle on 09/28/2006: "hey sister! i love you stephanie, your always in my heart!!!"

     Matthew Zaun lit a candle on 09/02/2006: "May God Bless the family of Stephanie Reeves with understanding and healing"

      Laurie Arthur lit a candle on 08/30/2006: "Stephanie what a beautiful young woman you were. Please be gentle with you mom and send her lots of signs. Be at peace"
   Darcie Isaacson lit a candle on 10/26/2006: "steph, along w/ others I try to bring comfort to your mom
      Jeralyn (Jeri) Haffer lit a candle on 10/14/2006: "Stephanie, I know you are proud of your mom for keeping your legacy. Special Angel and Girl Scout"
      Epic 464 lit a candle on 10/10/2006: "this candle can be shine forever..!!"
Morgan Gable lit a candle on 01/21/2007: "Stephaine, Thinking of you. Thinking of all who love you.
   Hey Steph! I miss you & love you so much, i'm always thinking about you. Many times a day, you're always in my heart Sis. Keep us safe! -Love Ash 10/27/10

  Char lit a candle on 11/25/2008: "step things have been hectic and I just want you to know that your memory and thoughts of us together make days brighter"
    Char lit a candle on 11/07/2008: "Niggum.....we weren't even related by blood....and still I refer to you as my sister.I miss you so love baby."

   MOM lit a candle on 11/01/2008: "Love you, miss you, wish I could kiss you."
    Mom lit a candle on 08/23/2008: "Hi baby, please watch over Ashley and send her angel kisses. We all miss and love you."
    ashley Reeve lit a candle on 07/21/2008: "Five years today, I still cant bring myself to believe it. I miss you so much, & I love you even more! See you soon sis."
     Mom lit a candle on 07/20/2008: "To my special Angel!. I love you and miss you every day. Stay close to us, and may you shine in God's light every day!"
      Gerald Simpson lit a candle on 06/07/2008: "may god bless ur family for ur terribly loss."

    Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 04/14/2008: "Happy Birthday Stephanie!!!! Keep your beautiful wings way up high being one of God's beautiful angels."
      Mom lit a candle on 04/14/2008: "another birthday come & gone without you. Love you my angel in heaven. Mom"
   Betsy lit a candle on 04/13/2008: "I miss you, especially on this beautiful day. LYF"
      Carolyn Mom Of Garrett lit a candle on 07/23/2007: "Stephanie, what a beautiful angel you must be. Stay close to mom, she need to feel you close."
      Mom lit a candle on 07/21/2007: "I love you so much baby! This is going to be tough today. I miss you so much. My heart breaks more every year."
      Aunt Jo Jo lit a candle on 07/13/2007: "I miss you my Angel. Its hard to believe its been 4 years since you left us. You are thought of each and every day."

   Ash Reeve lit a candle on 07/10/2007: "i miss you so much steph. im afraid that im not ready to be gone again for the 21st. i love you!"
      Katie Cornelius lit a candle on 07/04/2007: "I love you Steph. Thank you for being my guardian angel, you have no idea what it means. I love you :]"
      Missy Cogdill Nathan's Mom lit a candle on 06/11/2007: "A beautiful name for a beautiful Angel. Go to mom in a dream--show her you are ok--she needs to see your smile--Hugz"
      Mom lit a candle on 06/08/2007: "Got some important days coming up...need a guardian angel baby. Stay by betsy too, shes having that baby on Sunday!"
      Morgan lit a candle on 05/30/2007: "Stephanie, Thinking of you & thinking of your mom. Stay close to her."

    May .. lit a candle on 05/29/2007: "my thoughts prayers and wish wells are with you! stay strong family :)"
      Mom lit a candle on 05/21/2007: "Hi Babe, hope you are watching out for all of us. I love and miss you so much. Mom"
    Mom lit a candle on 05/12/2007: "Had a shower for Betsy today Stephanie. I know she misses you. Love you lots. Mom"
      Kathy Mom Of Amanda Rose lit a candle on 05/01/2007: "I am a mom from POS and I too lost a beautiful daughter. I know you and Amanda are in Heaven together! We Miss You Both!"
      Mom lit a candle on 04/21/2007: "I lite this candle for Brian, Steph, please give him a kiss up there from him mom!"
      Mom,ash And Ryan lit a candle on 11/24/2006: "We miss you and love you Steph. Had a nice Thanksgiving with grandma and grandpa."


  You mom has been so blessed to have been able to be your mom. She loves you very much, thank you for making her who she is today. On that day, it will be glorious for you two to hold each other again!
12/6/13 Elizabeth young

   Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 12/29/2008: "Merry Christmas Stephanie. Continue watching over your mother, brother and sister. They have done a wonderful job!"

  Sue Ferner lit a candle on 04/13/2008: "Happy Birthday! You are in our hearts always! Love you Sue"

     Arline Stumpff POS Marla's Mom lit a candle on 03/01/2008: "Stay close to your dear Mom, lovely Stephanie. You must surely be one of the brightest stars in the heavens."

     don Emmal lit a candle on 01/28/2008: "Im mentally ill so have been to the edge of suicide but survived my overdose.Some didnt. Stephanie is happy in Heaven!"

      Mary lit a candle on 01/10/2008: "I love you baby, we missed you at christmas, but goodlette arms was so wonderful! Your memory lives on!"

     ashley Reeve lit a candle on 12/29/2007: "i love love love love love love love love love youuuuu(="

      Jean Mom Of Brian lit a candle on 11/29/2007: "What a beautiful tribute to your daughter, Stephanie. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family."

      Betsy lit a candle on 11/12/2007: "Yesterday was "Moms" birthday. Please watch over her close. We miss you dearly. Love You Forever.. lil' sis"

      Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 10/25/2007: "Thinking of you Stephanie. You are lucky to have a wonderful mom, sister and brother! Keep an eye on your mom for me!"

      Mom lit a candle on 09/30/2007: "I miss you so, please help me stay strong."
      MOm lit a candle on 08/30/2007: "I love you Steph, you are so dear to me my angel....I hold you as "my treasure in heaven"...Matt 6:19"

      Rosemary Sis Of Alvin Cremeans lit a candle on 08/29/2007: "Lighting this candle for you angel, may it's light warm the hearts of those who love & miss you so. xoxo"

      Nicholas' Mama, Lisa lit a candle on 08/10/2007: "Stephanie is an angle I am so sorry for your loss. Nicholas'Mama POS"
      Debi lit a candle on 01/12/2007: "what a wonderful legacy your family is making for you stephanie. may you all find peace."

   Mom lit a candle on 12/31/2006: "Hi Baby Girl! Happy Happy New Year! Another year gone without you here. I love you so much. All I do, I do to honor you!"

   Mom lit a candle on 12/26/2006: "Merry Christmas Baby. A wonderful day. We missed you, but knowing your with your heavenly father makes us smile. 143"

  Mom lit a candle on 12/22/2006: "Baby, the night was wonderful. Your memorial to Goodlette Arms was filled with your presence. I miss you!!!! Love Mom"

   Stephanie's Mom lit a candle on 12/13/2006: "Steph, Please keep watch over Giva's baby, love her and hold her for Giva until one day she can be with her again. Mom"

    Iscel Benavides lit a candle on 12/08/2006: "Stephanie, know that you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Your mother is a WONDERFUL person."

      Mom lit a candle on 02/15/2007: "We miss you! Ashleys birthday today, sprinkle some dust on her tongiht as you pass over. Love Mom"


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